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Welcome to the NEW! home of the

Soylent Green Biscuit Company

Forty million New Yorkers can't be wrong . . .
They can however taste like cr*p.

The SGBC is shifting it's business model to a Print-On-Demand processor. The upside of this is we can offer a wider selection of merchandise including new designs, a wider selection of colors and types of shirts, and even coffe mugs!

So please visit Our Cafe' Press Store
We are striving to add new merchendise there all the time.

Also, the USPS no longer offers surface shipping overseas.

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T-Shirt Catalog

Soylent Green Noveltywear - Our line of skiffy t-shirts. One Year and going Strong!

Team GT

The Soylent Green Biscuit Co. is Proud to sponsor ASiR. Team GT's BattleBot
SF Music List Science Fiction Music List NEW!

3D Graphics Bouncing Ball Productions - 3D Arts and Animation
[divx_encode and plugins] Soylent Green Software - DL' our DivX;-)encoder for Linux-i386 and Blender plugins
New! Tank Tread Script.
[Tutorials] Soylent Green Research and Education. - How-to's on various subjects.
Including New Tute on the coming Blender Knife Subdivide tool.
other stuff Soylent Eclectic Co. - links about "Soylent Green", Make Room! Make Room! and other stuff anyone crazy enough to come here will like!

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