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Sci-Fi Song list

Science Fiction Song List

This list is to commemerate modern songs that have a Skiffy theme. (As opposed to all those ancient Sci-Fi songs....) Updated 4/30/02.


The lyrics of the song must contain a clear Science Fiction reference. Fantasy elements (such as Led Zepplin's many references to the Lord of the Rings) are the subject of another list (not here).

If the Sci-Fi element is only used as an obvious metaphore, the song is only eligable for "Honorary Mention".

The saucers () represent the quality of the Sci-Fi, the stars () represent the quality of the music. Disagree? Write me, making a thoughtful and well spoken case and I'll consider changes. Flames should be sent directly to /dev/null.

Additions? This list is new, I'd love to hear them......

And the winners are:

(in only the roughest of order)

Honorable Mention

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